Bio Laser Aesthetic Technology is proudly a Canadian Company providing quality commercial aesthetic hardware worldwide.  We have been supporting and providing hands on support and training to our customers widely throughout North America.  Trusted as a source for small to medium professional spas and aesthetic clinics. Our intent is to restore and improve skincare by focusing on capital equipment that is effective, affordable and based on real science and proven technologies. The aesthetic hardware we offer is extensively tested to ensure efficacy, longevity and lifespan of the hardware.

We have a knowledgeable team of sales associates, engineers, technicians and customer care specialists to support our customers. 

Stand behind our technologies 

Free full 2-year warranty.  We will include and replace parts, labour and service at no additional cost within the warranty period.  

We offer the only money back guarantee in the industry (i.e., refund policy).

Assembled and engineered in Canada, using only the highest quality core components. 

Bio Laser Aesthetic Technology is exclusively manufactured by Photo Biotech a leader in aesthetic technology, R&D, and manufacturing.