Shattering The Price Myth
Established 2010

The Beauty Authority.

The Premium Standard In Efficacy

Your success is our success BIOLASER AESTHETICS is the beauty authority researching and manufacturing the essential professional hardware for a profitable beauty business.  Guaranteed the premium standard in efficacy,  technology and commercial/medical grade machines. With distinct experience and insider knowledge of the aesthetic industry we have produced the key aesthetic machines for your beauty business.  

Parallel to notorious industry brands BLA beats the competitors in price, quality, and customer support.  BIOLASER AESTHETICS  has shattered the myth that price indicates quality- with this intention we have committed our company to produce  professional machines that are durable, relevant and market competitive. 

Treatment results are proof of our quality made and effective machines.   Our Company strives in being out in front and defining what is takes to be the commercial beauty hardware to acquire.  We stand behind what we sell, with a free full 3 year warranty.  We will include and replace parts, labor and service at no additional cost within the warranty period.   Shattering and redefining the price myth.  Proudly, we offer value and performance.  

R&D Standing Behind Our Technologies

Science and technical knowledge have been our leading motivators to develop quality, affordable  professional hardware for beauty businesses.  BIOLASER AESTHETIC provides  commercial aesthetic hardware worldwide. Our direct experience in this industry provides the perspective and insight of what makes a beauty business good to great.  

We have researched and developed  beauty aesthetic machines to suit the demands of beauty business and elevate the quality of treatments broadening the industry horizon.   Trusted as a source for small to medium professional spas and aesthetic clinics. Our focus is to restore and improve aesthetic & skin repair by focusing on capital equipment that is effective, affordable and based on  science and proven technologies. The aesthetic hardware we offer is extensively tested and designed to ensure efficacy, safety and lifespan of the hardware.  We build machines for business success.