Hair Removal Treatment

The effectiveness of laser hair removal depends on many variables, including the subject’s skin color. Laser hair reduction is typically more effective for lighter-skin, and dark hair compared to darker-skin due to higher fluences which can be safely used. The challenge associated with laser treatment for darker-skin subjects is to avoid surface skin (epidermal and upper dermal) injury due to absorption of light in the pigmented epidermis, while still causing selective destruction of the underlying pigmented hair follicles.  COOLMAX PRO Professional system uses  a distinctive long pulse-width 808nm diode laser that can penetrate the hair follicle and disable hair growth permanently, this is a universal wavelength for all skin colors.  Resulting in permanent hair removal for all skin tones.

Cryolipolysis is a procedure that works by destroying subcutaneous fat that is sensitive to temperature below freezing. Fat cells (adipocytes) disappear gradually through a process of inflammation, starting within a few days after the procedure and continuing in the months ahead. The fat-freezing procedure actually reduces the number of fat cells in treated areas by up to 40% overtime* These fat cells are naturally processed and eliminated by the lymphatic system avoiding migration to another area of your body.

Cold Sculpting Cryolipolysis Treatment

Laser Lipo Treatment

Photo Lipo the next generation of Laser Lipo exceeds all results published by the standard clinical studies and the other results produced by competitive devices. Results are measurable and experienced immediately after a 10 or 20-minute sessions. Competitive devices recommend an evaluation of efficacy after a four-week period of treatments.  Target specific body areas i.e., triceps, calves, inner and outer thighs abdominal, buttocks.  Ideal for  body sculpting and contouring.  A non invasive technology that sculpts the body and natural curves.

Through innovation and meticulous engineering,  the Q100 Probe hand piece is constructed as a power containment device with an acutely controlled power emitter. Therefore, minimal power is required to produce the adequate and necessary 1.6 joule pulse output. A smaller base unit with required power generation results in an overall compact design for transport. Resulting in the next generation of Q-Switch high power pulsed technology. Tattoo removal is now procedure that results in true fading and erasing of pigments.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment


(IPL) Intense Pulsed Light, also known as the principle technology for epidermal photo-rejuvenation or the photo-facial Treatments.  IPL is highly effective for erasing mild sun damage, freckles, irregular pigmentation and light brown spots on the face, neck, chest and back. IPL  Derma Pro treats the skin with quick and powerful flashes of intense pulse light. The light energy then penetrates below the skin’s surface, where the unwanted brown pigment (melanin) lives. IPL Derma Professional hardware is a  permanent hair removal and anti-aging machine.  This superior 2 in 1 technology is loaded with treatments for cell regeneration. The complete anti-aging system for smooth, younger, wrinkle and hair free results.