BLA Diode 808 84 Reviews

Thank you for the expedited delivery and great service. I need my new machine yesterday, I had clients booked and rescheduled. My old machine just died on me. Al delivered my machine in 24hours. Al trained me on the machine by Facetime the same evening my machine arrived. Thank you. You saved my business sort of. Great machine so far, love my frozen tip.

I had and issue with my handpiece 2 months after the warranty expired, Al replaced it for free, no questions asked, No issues since! Thank you Thank you

Excellent Service…Thanks Christin

Excellent training better then my laser school. Surprisingly, I learned so much. All Photo Biotech machines are easy to use. However, the training is a little overbearing.

The machines heavier then I thought it would be. It is not as portable then I thought. It still fits in the trunk my car but the machine is a little heavy for me. The results are good.

The frozen tip is truly a frozen tip. The handpiece is completely painless most of the time. Although sometimes I can my patients feel a little warmth, on areas of the body like cheek bones or chin bones, I would say that it is still painless but not pain-free. I was expecting to not feel anything. Works on dark skin very well.

It is fast and it is painless. But not as portable as I thought. The machine is small but heavy. My model is the 2016 model HRP 800. I bought it refurnished. Not bad.

It does not come with the stand. I felt miss lead. The machine is very good.

The is no difference between the three wavelengths and single wavelength. Save your money. 808nm is universal. The machine is not bad. Excellent for what I paid.

I love my SOLO Plus so far. Use it all day everyday. I was worry about the duty cycle, My Lumenis started to stall between clients and sometimes during treatments. I Had to wait 20 minutes sometimes. It was almost the same price to finance Photo Biotech then to repair my Lumenis. The jury is still out about long term usage. But so far so good. I would recommend with caution. Let’s see how Photo Biotech follows through when things go sideways.

The machine is predictable. Works as promised. That’s rare nowadays!

Love… Love…. Love…Seriously easy and seriously fast! Wow! What an upgrade from my old Q-switch NDyag. Seriously fast.

I have an IPL that is only for skin rejuvenation. The Solo Pro single wavelength is good enough for Fitzpatrick 1-4, My clients are mainly Fitzpatrick 1-4, but occasionally I treat darker skin types and works. Just keep setting on low

Great warranty. Had an issue after our last thunder storm. Power surges are not covered by warranty. Everyone…unplug the machine in advance of lighting storms. S*** Happens! Photo Biotech replaced the power supply. Wow! good on them and thank you. I had to pay for the shipping though. Still not bad!