Cryo-Lipolysis Cold Sculpting

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Note: The annual 2018 model spring sale ENDS this week or while supplies last…Fat cell death is caused by cooling the cells between -11 to +5 °C. Commercial grade BLA CRYO LIPO thermal machine controls and cools fatty tissue below body temperature, but above freezing, activating localized cell death followed by a local inflammatory response that gradually results in a reduction of the fatty tissue layer. This controlled cooling is professional, safe and effective.

This professional treatment process involves a fatty area of the body being sucked into a suction cup-type device and cooled. Different shapes of suction cup and different programming in the machine are used for different areas of the body. Typically, an individual treatment lasts under one hour for each part of the body being treated and involves two treatments, eight weeks apart. The number and duration of treatments vary.

Commercial cryolipolysis is the term for using cryogenics to induce lipolysis. Adipose tissue is cooled causing localized cell death and inflammation. The degree of exposure to cooling causes the apoptosis (cell death) of subcutaneous fat tissue, without apparent damage to the overlying skin, for a non-invasive, localized reduction of fat deposits, in order to reshape the contours of the body.